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Learn to develop your own intuition in business - your Inner CEO
to make business easier, more profitable and more fun!
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Inner Access 101
Sales Intuition 101™
ONLINE CLASS - Date - TBD in Spring 2018

What if you could learn high powered intuitive tools to increase your sales and maximize your time – in just one day?

Join international business intuition expert, author, speaker and trainer Susan Rueppel, Ph.D. in a 1-day action packed adventure that will increase your sales potential.

Those who excel at business and sales often talk about the element of trusting their gut or their instincts. That intuitive sense, while present, has been relatively unquantifiable hence hard to package, replicate and access at will. Not anymore!

Learn to:

  • Cultivate your natural intuition to a totally new level.
  • Use your intuition to best manage your time in relationship to your sales.
  • Know when to make those calls and to whom.
  • Maximize the advantage of knowing when a client’s mind is busy with chatter or considerations, and when they are receptive to more information of what you have to offer.
  • Track and name what is standing in the way when you are procrastinating so that you can get back on track and succeed.

Build your existing skill set. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is the sales person for your products or services, or a career Sales Professional - come ready for a day that will move your sales forward in dynamic and measurable ways.

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NOTE: This 1-day online class Sales Intuition101™ OR the 3-day in-person class Access Intuition 101™, serve as the prerequisite for the Business Intuition for Professionals courses.

Business Intuition for Professionals

Taught by Inner Access 101 certified instructor:
Susan Rueppel, Ph.D., Chief Intuition Officer®, WINtuition®

2 day Modules are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
in Sacramento, California

Business Intuition Module 1 – Dates TBD

Business Intuition Module 2 – Dates TBD

Business Intuition Module 3 – Dates TBD

What if you could access business information beyond any traditional means?

Customer profiling * Headhunting * Target identification * Conflicts Resolved * Save $ * Save time * Better management of people * Accelerate your speed to market * Create the best returns on investments * Validate your direction * Eliminate your blindside

This exciting training is for business professionals. Maximize your business edge or be a powerful resource for the business community.  

The Modules are presented in 2-day sets throughout the year that build on one another. You are welcome to take 1, 2 or all three.  Each one is a pre-requisite to the next level.

Learn a strong foundation, including honing your own intuition and using it for business applications versus personal use.

In these classes you will be using your intuition to get answers for your own and others’ businesses to accelerate business success.

The pre-requisite for Business Intuition training is the 1 day Sales Intuition 101™ OR the 3-day class Access Intuition 101™.

More info at the Inner Access 101 Store.  Register with Susan Rueppel, WINtuition® at 916-444-1112.

Quick Launch Your Professional Business Intuition Practice
Time Saving Tips, Tools, Techniques and Templates

DATE: TBD - In Sacramento, California (Or select your preferred date for your private training)

(Midtown Sacramento class location provided upon registration)
For intuitives on the fast track to launch your professional Business Intuition practice:
           Hit the ground running
           Save dozens of hours
           Get known as a professional
           Focus on what you love to do
           Fill your practice quickly
Build your business foundation specific to your Business Intuition Practice in 1 interactive day including:
           Business basics
           Marketing and sales
           Consultation framework
           Client touch points and tracking
           Technology, packaging
           Resources and MORE!
I will be sharing the tips, tools and techniques it took me several years to master.  Save yourself time, money and the stress of trying to figure it out all on your own.  I've done several thousand Intuitive Business Accelerator Consultations!  Let me help you quick launch your business.
Prerequisite: Must have completed InnerAccess101 Business Intuition Level 1, 2 & 3 or WINtuition Group Mastermind Training Program
$1,997 (A bargin compared to figuring it all out on your own!)

Click here for more info.  Call 916-444-1112 to register.


An Evening of Business Intuition
Immediate Answers for Tangible Results in Business

- Expand your perception of the value of intuition
- Learn how you can use intuition to grow your business
- Get answers to your most challenging business question

Evolving Your Business - Know It, Show It, Say It & Do It Workshop
Call 916-444-1112 to bring this impactful workshop to your group

Join us for this exciting and information-packed workshop co-presented by 4 entrepreneurs to:
Expand your view of what's possible for your business, gain clarity and resources to make it happen AND discover how to re-birth your business identity from inside out, creating transformation and invigoration - key catalysts or a flourishing business!  
CLICK HERE for more information.

The Personality - Communication Connection
Create More Effective Business Connections
Don't Just Communicate - CONNECT!

Stress Relief and Balance for the Busy Professional
Mastering the Personality - Health Connection

Master Your Inner CEO
How to Use Your Own Innate Intuition to Save Time, Save Money and Attract More Ideal Clients

The Personality - Communication Connection
Create More Effective Business Connections
Don't Just Communicate - CONNECT!

FREE eBook: The GutPreneur: How to Grow Your Business from Your Gut   Just DOWNLOAD the .pdf here (NO...you don't have to sign up for anything!)

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